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I started Men's Team because the gap in supporting men in their masculinity has contributed to a dominant preconditioning that maleness is “toxic,” when in fact masculinity can be beautiful, fun, and necessary for our communities to thrive. All the modern efforts of trying to figure this out do nothing substantial, whereas working it out on teams, that are up to something together, creates results that are real magic. 🔥

-David Fulton


"Working with David inspired me to find the clarity and strength that I needed to see and pursue my own vision."


Steven Ditkhus

Co-Founder, The Hunt NYC



Teams are where we can compete positively, remove our masks, complete the past, and heal. We rediscover our spark and purpose and cultivate the “wet edge” of our unfolding. Sourcing our intelligence through Mens Team builds trust and resiliency, where we open to love and regenerate our polarity and consequently our vitality. Mens Team is where we cause transformation where it matters in partnership, stewardship, and legacy. 🦌 


Working with David has brought  peace and magic to my life, from being inspired by music, learning from deep conversations, and enjoying the best of times and the gift of true friendship.”


Brian Stollery

CEO, Launch Global

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