I’m David Fulton, and I have lived a wild journey up to this point. What I’m most proud of is being the partner for the love of my life. I am honored to have accomplished so much in the first half of my life, however, what the highlights don’t tell is the story of my journey with mental health. It has been a breakthrough achievement for me to restore integrity with the majority of the relationships in my life, after 40+ years of pretending not to be experiencing and exhibiting undiagnosed bi-polar manic behavior. I now live through the integrity of my word, ensuring that “the audio matches the video.”




There is a certain kind of brilliance that comes from living with undiagnosed bipolar. While it can wreak havoc on relationships when left unaddressed and untreated, one can be extremely driven and achievement-oriented. Some highlights from my career: 

    • I began investing when I was 20 years old
    • My contributions to others’ companies have resulted in more than $100M in revenues to those businesses
    • I have personally raised over $14 Million in for-profit investment and non-profit contributions
    • I am an active real estate investor and steward -- my experience and portfolio has, over time, comprised a dozen properties
    • I first started coaching leaders and leading team building weekends in 1995 
    • I am a master craftsman and accomplished design-build contractor
    • I attended the US Coast Guard Academy, and sailed around the world on the USCGC Eagle -- America’s Tall Ship (pictured throughout this website)
    • I am a long-time contributor to the Burning Man community, and disaster relief efforts since 2005
    • I co-founded Our Future Now, a three-year touring project for summer festivals that directly engaged with over 4.5 million people across the US, educating them around best sustainability practices

My life now is focused on being a contribution while creating a life of joy and adventure. My goal is to be in partnership with the love of my life, raise a healthy family, and be an example of a responsible man up to something meaningful in the world.